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3 Unique Offline Fundraising Events in India

Campaigning on a crowdfunding platform is a convenient method for a fundraising layman to raise funds for a social cause or a personal project. The few things you need are standard knowledge of the internet, an active social media presence and an electronic device. Thousands of crowdfunding campaigns on platforms across the world have helped drive impact to every kind of cause and innovation imaginable.

There is no dearth of campaigners eager to tell their story and bring people together to make a difference. There is no dearth of people willing to contribute to causes that move them. Though online crowdfunding has been a successful albeit new venture in many countries, offline fundraising events continue to be effective in stirring attention, awareness and creating a sizeable impact. Let’s look at some of the most unique offline fundraising events India has seen.

The One Rupee Film Project

In 2012, a filmmaker in Kolkata decided that his next feature-length movie will be supported not by film producers or distributors, but by every Indian movie lover and fan. Thus the “One Rupee Film Project” was born. Anamitra Roy, founder of Little Fish Eat Big Fish, a film production group, aspired to create a film that depicted the filmmaking scenario in India. His fundraising project, One Rupee Film was an effort to stir social media, create awareness and reach the largest audience he could access. He encouraged fans to donate as little as (though larger amounts are welcome) one rupee to fund his movie and promised every backer a digital copy of the film. In the first 24 hours, he received Rs 50. Subsequently, learning about how crowdfunding works and realizing that various Indian crowdfunding platforms do support creative pursuits, he campaigned on two different crowdfunding platforms. By mid-2013, his fundraising endeavours had raised a total of Rs 2,13,000.

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British Royals Playing Cricket for Indian Underprivileged

In April 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge played cricket with the underprivileged children of Mumbai, as part of a charity event on their week-long tour of India. The children came from three different charities that the event supported – Magic Bus, ChildLine and Doorstep. Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar was part of the match as well. A gala was also held at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, where the Duke, the Duchess and Indian film, sports and business personalities joined in. The proceeds were directed to the three children’s charities.

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017

The 14th Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon held in partnership with United Way India saw one of the biggest offline NGO crowdfunding events in India. The 2017 SC Mumbai Marathon is a distance running event that raised Rs 32.93 crores for numerous causes and NGOs in healthcare, environment, education, women empowerment, sports, disabled persons and many more. Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care, Isha Vidya and Amar Seva Sangam, were the three NGOs that raised the most at the event, amounting up to INR 6.58 crores collectively. Around 136 young runners, all below the age of 21, managed to collectively raise almost Rs 2 crores for their chosen NGOs. In the 14 years since the first marathon was held, Standard Chartered has seen a rise of over Rs 30 crore rupees in the funds raised for non-profit causes.

To ensure the best possible reach a fundraiser can hope to gain, a well thought out plan for promoting the fundraiser both online and offline is very necessary. Collaboration between digital crowdfunding bodies and organizations and people who fundraise is the way to this space of maximum traction.

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