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4 Warning Signs That the Used Car Deal Is a Terrible One

Getting the right used car in Bangalore for sale and the right used car dealer is not easy especially if you go to buy from the unorganized sector. This sector has a well-earned reputation for shadiness and applies high-pressure sales tactics.

Here are 4 warning signs that indicate that the car deal you are perusing is a terrible one.

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  1. Even if it’s a used car, it asks for a big investment and if you are making a big investment you are bound to ask many questions until you are satisfied. If you feel that the dealer is getting defensive or irritated, you should immediately call off the deal as the honest sellers will happily address your concerns.
  2. If the ad or the classified that you saw lack details or if the deal sounds too sweet, both are the indications of some goof-up. Even if you feel that the dealer is trying too hard to make the sale happen, it’s good to back off and try to gather more information before closing the deal.
  3. If the seller is in early thirties, then you really need to be cautious. The young people don’t really bother about the maintenance of their vehicles though exceptions are always there.
  4. If you find that the tyres of the car are worn out or there are cuts or tears in the rubber, or if the four tyres are not same but different, then you can safely assume that this vehicle is not going to be a good buy.

Choosing a used car between brand new and used is no doubt a good idea as it provides value for money, but it is equally important to see that you get the right used car from the right dealer.


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