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Beginners Guide to Indian Sandstone Paving

Indian sandstone paving is a highly popular material choice amongst people looking to update their outdoor flooring. Holding the ability to transform any outdoor space into elegant and stylish havens, Indian sandstone paving is used on a daily basis all around the world to update gardens and home exteriors.

Whilst to some people sandstone paving of this variety may look like nothing more than formed blocks, Indian sandstone paving is in fact so much more – It is a sedimentary rock that is formed from various quartz grains. Highly attractive and appealing to the masses, today we are going to be providing as much information as we can about the stone paving material, so that readers are then able to make the best and most informed decisions.

This paving choice is available in a wide range of colours and textures, with options suitable to meet absolutely all possible need and requirements – There are options for all.

Colour: upon first thinking about Indian paving people probably imagine it to be light, grey/beige; however it can come in so many colour alternatives. They typical grey/beige colour in which many people think of is known as “Raj green”. This stone is however available in a range of light and dark greys, pinks, browns and yellows. Sometimes the stone is available is marble options too, showcasing more than one colour mixed together.

Not only available in a huge range of colours, Indian paving also comes in a selection of textures – The most popular are:

  • Shot blast – This has a raised, sandy texture
  • Sand blast – Similar to shot blast but with a finer and lower profile
  • Rock face – Mimics that finish of natural rock
  • Polished – Smooth to look at and smooth to touch
  • Point stalk – Finished with raised parallel lines

These are many more textures available too!

If you think that you would like sandstone in your home, hopefully understanding the colours and textures available will enable you to make the greatest decisions.

However, since Indian sandstone paving can be expensive, especially when looking at the most quality options (which last a long time), if you are still unsure about what exact Indian paving choice you want – We would highly advise that you take time out to visit a stone showroom where you will be able to see and feel each type of stone for yourself.

At stone showrooms there are usually highly knowledgeable people on hand too that can advise and guide people into making the most beneficial and superior purchasing decisions.

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