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Cleaning Your Stone Patio: Top Tips

First of all if you have a natural stone garden stone garden patio, we don’t blame you – natural stone definitely provides one of the ultimate flooring options for gardens and outdoor spaces. However over time this kind of flooring can take a beating, and therefore needs cleaning and maintain on a regular basis to keep it in top form. This is why today we are going to be providing some great tips to all in order to allow even more people to clean their garden patios correctly and efficiently. If you have a stone garden patio and want to ensure that it is squeaky clean, keep on reading…

Patio Cleaning Tips

  • Spring is a good time to give a patio a deep clean, however you need to be sure to clean your patio on a regular basis
  • Before cleaning a patio you must remove all furniture, plant pots and accessories from your patio so that you have a clean space to work with
  • Before cleaning your patio also sweep the surface to get rid of any loose dirt and debris
  • Remove any weeds that have grown around your patio area and check that no weeds are coming up between individual flag stones
  • Bleach mixed with water can provide a good stone patio cleaning solution
  • Liquid detergent mixed with water can also be used, and left to rest on patios for a few minutes before being swept away
  • Metallic brushes should never be used to clean natural stone patios as they can cause staining
  • If you have flowers beds surrounding your patio make sure that you cover them before cleaning so that harmful chemicals don’t cause harm to them
  • If you have tough stains on your garden patio you can mix oxygen bleach with water to make a paste – Then apply this to stained areas and leave for an hour because scrubbing away with a nylon-bristle brush
  • If you are using a pressure washer to clean your patio you should ensure that you are wearing protective eyewear and gloves because waste comes out of these at a high force

These are only some of the available tips when it comes to cleaning natural stone garden patios too. If you would like to ensure that you are cleaning your garden stones in the ultimate ways we would highly recommend that you speak with your stone supplier whom will know the exact best ways to treat and maintain the exact stone which you’ve purchased.

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