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Drug Trafficking Charges in Tennessee And Legal Justice

A drug trafficking charge is one of the most severe felonies that anyone can ever be charged with not only in the state of Tennessee but across the United States. It is in all evaluations a felony which holds the potentials to significantly affect one’s future as the possibilities of spending several years in prison are a reality. However, on the same note, it is essential to understand that every year a significant percentage of drug-related charges in Tennessee are often classified as drug trafficking. What this means that while no changes can ever be taken, there is a fair ground for taking a good shot at the legal system and having the best of outcomes.

One of the highlights of drug trafficking charges that call for instant attention is that unlike simple drug possession or co-related charges, there are higher chances the federal courts will handle it. The reason behind this is often the simple conclusion that drug trafficking is not limited to a state’s borders and is always part of a more massive syndicate. It is for this reason why drug trafficking charges are often co-linked with conspiracies which are a different gameplay for any individual who has to face this type of charges.

A conspiracy charge serves as a catch-all net which the federal government uses in most occasions to heap multiple cases to a single individual. The result is often an offender who faces a tough task of proving their innocence not only against a single charge but lots of co-related cases which most defense teams can never handle. People charged with drug trafficking cases, therefore, have to accept the fact that they have to deal with the realities of hefty penalties and government agencies that will go to all lengths to make them look bad in light of the law.

All these facts at hand are further made worse by several aggregating factors which add more weight to an already severe case. These factors could include transporting large amounts of the drug, arrests made within proximity to schools or children’s playground, and the possession of drugs alongside other illegal items such as guns or manufacturing equipment. It is a consequential offense which is also made worse if the offender has been charged before especially for a drug-related crime regardless of whether it was a misdemeanor or felony.

There are many instances when one could be arrested for drug trafficking, but it all comes down to the fact that the faster one gets the right attorney to stand up for their rights the better their chances when facing the charges. A DUI defense lawyer with a history for handling similar charges comes as the proverbial light while in a dark tunnel as they have all it takes to set up a strong defense. It could be the ignored facts such as violations of the 4th amendment and the introduction of ignored evidence under a comprehensive plan that could save the day. All in all, drug trafficking cases are never to be gambled with and retaining the services of a lawyer that specializes in the niche is mandatory.

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