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Geoffrey Morell Endorses Nutrient Dense Diet As Means of Staying Healthy

Humans work hard all their life to live a good life, but it is unfortunate that people do not understand the ultimate necessity to live a good and healthy life during their prime years. Most people tend to earn a lot of money and spend most of it on wrong eating and wrong living style. Geoffrey Morell the founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation gives you the right direction to take your life to, in order that you can live a longer and happier life even after you have retired.

Eating or food is one of the basic amenities of life; it is one of the components that no living thing can do without. Humans or animals cannot live long if they are deprived of food; history unfolds numerous stories of people who have starved to death, i.e. died for the want of food. Despite being such an important aspect of life, food is one of the most neglected things in the life of an individual.

It is often seen that deficiency of time causes one to nibble onto anything that they can grab at the moment, just in order to fill their craving empty stomach. Not many people put in a thought or planning as to what they should consume and how much of it they should eat. This is the perhaps the reason behind the ever so growing fast popularity of the so called ‘fast food’.

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How Fast Has Food Actually Become? Geoffrey Morell Tries Giving An Answer

Every place on this planet has something within their cuisine that they could term as fast food, and it is this fast food that is the most harmful in most cases. However, it is a fortunate thing that the global society still has individuals like Geoffrey Morell who understand the need to eat good in order to live good. Mr. Morell is a strong endorser of raw food and a nutrient dense diet, and himself is a vegan for the past several years.

At present he is in the golden years of his life, he is 85 years old, but that does not make any less zealous than a 25 year old young man. His enthusiasm to teach the masses the usefulness of raw food is so much that he and his wife have recently bought a farm, where they wish to carry out dairy farming and in the bid produce large quantities of raw and organic milk. He considers raw milk to be of the super foods that every individual should indulge in.

A nutrient dense diet is basically a platter full of fruits and vegetables of varied hues. In fact, nutritionists who expertise in this kind of food opine that every individual who follow this particular eating regime should ensure that his/her platter does have at least three different colored food components, as they each carry their own specialized nutrient with them.

Being a vegetarian or a vegan is not an easy task for most, but with undaunted determination and respect for your life, you can sail through life very easily and in fact, very happily with this kind of eating.

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