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How to move house like a pro

Although moving homes can be an exciting time, most people find the process time-consuming and stressful and it’s no surprise that we try to put off the actual task of packing away our belongings for as long as we can. Here are a few tips to ensure that your move will be as efficient and stress-free as possible.


First of all, you should consider having a clear-out of your belongings, things you don’t use anymore that could be donated to charity or even sold online. This way, not only are you decluttering your home of unnecessary items, but you’re also getting some money that you could use for decorating your new place. Then you should calculate how many moving boxes you’ll need and order them in advance, before collecting packing supplies such as tape, scissors, bubble wrap, old newspapers, markers and labels. Consider colour coordinating your boxes for each room so unpacking is a lot easier.

Thinking Ahead

It’s easy to underestimate how time-consuming unpacking can be, so before you move, be sure to pack an ‘essentials’ box that is easily accessible for your first night. Include items such as tea, cups, a kettle, first-aid kit, snacks, pet food and instruction manuals for your electronics. Place these items in a large clear box and either carry it with you or put it in the moving van last, so you can have instant access to it. Also prepare an overnight bag for everyone in the family, including toiletries, medicines, clothes and electronics. You don’t have to pack your essential box at the beginning, but it is important to make a list of items to include beforehand. Think of belongings that you’ll need for at least the first two nights.


Packing always takes longer than you think it would, so start early. Beginning at the top of the house and packing up one room at a time is one of the most efficient ways to pack away your belongings. Heavier items should be kept in smaller boxes and you should handle your fragile belongings carefully to prevent any breakages. Purchase plenty of bubble wrap and label the ‘fragile’ boxes to make sure they are transported carefully. Keep an inventory list and number your boxes so you can keep track of what you’ve packed – this will save a lot of time when you’re trying to unpack in your new home. And lastly, pack important documents together, such as birth and marriage certificates or any paperwork that you’ll need in the new house, and keep them in a safe place.

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