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Jeep Cherokee For Sale

Jeep has been fabricating the Jeep Cherokee in some frame or another since 1974, and that converts into numerous choices for the shopper looking for a Jeep Cherokee available to be purchased. It began with the Jeep Cherokee (SJ) in 1974, which Jeep at that point supplanted with the XJ in 1984, and fabricated until 2001. Jeep supplanted that with the Jeep Liberty, otherwise called the Jeep Cherokee (KJ). Notwithstanding these Cherokees, Jeep started fabricating the Grand Cherokees in 1993.

Jeep Cherokee (SJ) 1974-1983

Like the celebrated around the world Wagoneer that Brooks Stevens planned in 1963, the SJ, which gloats a famous visual style, was a decently mainstream full-estimate SUV amid the 1970s and mid 1980s. Its prominence developed in the years after its stopping. They are winding up progressively hard to discover today, and along these lines profoundly looked for after by rough terrain devotees and different sorts of car enthusiasts.

Jeep Cherokee (XJ) 1984-2001

In spite of the fact that the XJ imparted its name to the SJ display that went before it, they shared next to no else in like manner. The XJ is a unibody smaller SUV, and it doesn’t utilize the body-on-outline skeleton that was a characterizing component of the SJ models. The XJs are popular to the point that it is basic to see the late 1990s and later models still utilized for customary driving. These are exceedingly solid vehicles, and their lone genuine inadequacy is an absence of present day wellbeing highlights.

Jeep Liberty or Jeep Cherokee (KJ/KK) 2002-Present

Called the Jeep Liberty in North America and the Cherokee in different parts of the world, the KJ is the cutting edge incarnation of the XJ. While adhering to its smaller, rough terrain roots, the Chrysler impact has guided the present Jeep Cherokee available to be purchased toward an attention on extravagance. The present form costs around $23,000, and gloats a standard bundle that incorporates 16-inch combination wheels, keyless passage, ventilating, full power adornments, programmed headlamps, and a six-speaker CD stereo framework with satellite radio.

Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) 1993-1998

Presented in 1993, the Grand Cherokees were a game impacted fair size UniFrame SUV. The ZJs were accessible as Base, Laredo, and Limited. These were basically an inadequate standard bundle, a mid-level bundle, and a luxurious premium bundle, separately. The 1995 models and past incorporate adequate security highlights, and make for feasible alternatives for the cutting edge utilized auto customer.

Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ) 1999-2004

The Grand Cherokee turned out to be incredibly mainstream, and as we neared the turn of the century, Jeep presented a style and capacity refresh to commend it. The topic behind the WJ is power and extravagance, and it absolutely met those principles for each of the five years of its creation. This is the sweet spot for utilized auto purchasers that need to confine cost while accomplishing most extreme list of capabilities and wellbeing level.

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