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Renovations for Contributing to the eco-friendly home

The concept of constructing an eco-friendly home has been developing over the past few years. The more people realize the importance of sustaining a pollution free environment the more preference is growing for building the ecologically safe homes. But it is not that easy to go green because you need the special consultants to explain to you how you can make your home more healthy. You can remodel your old home by adding various features which will make the place better for the living.

Floors and counters

Making the home healthier implies using non-pollutant substances for the construction too as much as possible. Using recycled glass is becoming a popular technique to improve the quality of the counters. Recycling other elements like paper and water to make stones is a new technology which is successfully contributing to building parts of the eco-friendly home. You can use the cork tiles for flooring which can insulate as well as act as a cushion for the floor. The flooring material can also be the bamboo which you can harvest in approximately nine years. Instead of the hard floors, go for the wool carpeting or using the recycled products. Go for the carpets with natural fiber as the backing.

Water usage

Water resource is becoming more and more precious with increasing use. So you must save water and to do that, you can go for a few alternative gadgets, why don’t you try installing the shower heads with the low flow of water? It will provide you with the necessary water but control the waste quantity. Upgrade the old heaters with energy efficient water heaters. Additionally, install the hot water recirculation pumps. It will prevent much water from going down the drain. You can also change the standard models of 1.6-gallon flush water per use to the 1.28 gallons per flush models.

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