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Take These Immediate Actions to Help an Asthma Patient

What will be your point of action whenever you witness an asthma patient suffering from asthma?

There will be numerous responses to this query where some of them might be wrong whereas some of them might be correct. There is no correct response to this query, but when it comes to witnessing asthma patients, there are some common steps/actions that you should always perform to save their life.

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So, as soon as you encounter an asthma patient, suffering from the disease, here are some important actions that you should perform with no time delay.

Calm down the Patient: You will always find the excitement in the patients with asthma. Whenever you find them excited above the normal level, you should try to make them normal and bring their excitement to the normal level. Make them sit straight and calm down the patient till their breadth comes to normal rate.

Provide Reliever Inhaler: Once the patient face asthma, it’s hard for them to even reach their bag and take out the inhaler. You should immediately find the reliever inhaler and let them inhale the spray to get relief. Instruct them to inhale the inhaler every 30-60 seconds that can slow down their heartbeat and offer adequate relief.

Call Ambulance in Emergency: If you encounter no improvement after 10 puffs, the situation might be critical and hence you should call the medical facility. You should immediately call the ambulance and take the patient to the hospital for medical assistance.

Use Puff Till Ambulance Reach your Spot: In some of the worst cases, the medical facility may be late or unable to attend the patient; you should repeat the step second in the meantime. Until ambulance or other medical facility reach the spot, continue giving puff after every 30-60 seconds to provide relief.

The above-mentioned steps must be remembered and implemented whenever you encounter an asthma patient. Now, most you are not aware of the situations that have signs of an asthma attack. Here are some common signs that you can acknowledge as the warning for an asthma attack.

Inhaler not working:  In some cases, you find that the inhaler is not correctly working and the patient highly needs the inhaler.

High Breathing with Coughing: When the patient starts coughing continuously and experience rapid breathing, it’s the situation that needs instant attention to cure the problem.

Patient is unable to Breath: If the patient is unable to breathe properly even after getting puffs, you should think an immediate remedy to control the attack.

Final Words: You should always be prepared whenever you are moving out with an asthma patient. An inhaler and some other essential stuff must always be available in your bag to cure the attack at any point of time.

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