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Think You Don’t Have Room for a Fireplace?

Do you have a room in your house that always seems colder than the rest of your home? Is there a place where you spend a lot of time and would love extra heat on chilly days and nights? Is that space too small for a traditional fireplace? A beautiful direct vent fireplace could be the ideal solution you need.

Direct Vent Corner Fireplaces are Ideal For a Small Space

No matter if the room is small and narrow you can easily tuck in a direct vent gas fireplace. It’s true. With a sleek, compact design and two-pipe system that goes straight through an outside wall, you can install a corner fireplace anywhere in your home that you need extra warmth and comfort.

Corner fireplaces come in a left-side or right-side design that make them flexible enough to work in almost any situations. The elegant design will instantly add a dramatic focal point to any room and also provide much-needed warmth when the temperatures drop outside.

Installed in your home, the two panes of glass of the corner fireplace form an attractive see-through angle. Behind the glass doors, the flames burn serenely, mesmerizing and calming to the eye. A corner fireplace would be a perfect addition to a bedroom or any other room used for relaxing or meditating.

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Perfect for Larger Rooms Too

A larger size direct vent corner fireplace can add a touch of drama to a large room. With its unique design, this style of fireplace imparts a sense of grandeur and luxury to a space as well as keeping the temperatures warm and toasty for maximum comfort.

A Brilliant Modern Concept

Direct vent fireplaces are a revolutionary way of improving the technology of the traditional fireplace. The gas-fed flames are sealed behind glass doors which continuously radiates heat into the room. Wood is not consumed, and no ash is produced, making the direct vent fireplace clean and free of the mess and heavy maintenance associated with a conventional fireplace.

A Safer Fireplace

Direct vent fireplaces are also safer for the homeowner. The fireplace uses a two-pipe system that effectively vents carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases associated with combustion straight through the wall instead of up a chimney. Winds can blow smoke back down a chimney, but not so with the direct vent fireplace.

No Waste

Traditional fireplaces send most of the heat straight up the chimney and out of the home. The heat output is difficult to control as the wood fire burns brightly and hot for a time and then dies down. A direct vent fireplace is a controlled burn that radiates an even level of heat into the home for as long as the homeowner desires.

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