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This Startup Is Making Indian Cities Safer For Animals By Crowdfunding For Ambulances

Pet owners all over the country are familiar with the problem of not finding adequate medical services. Pet clinics are usually rare and most don’t have enough knowledge about first aid when a pet gets injured or falls ill.

A Hyderabad-based startup is about to change that. eSahai, a platform that makes dealing with medical emergencies easier by providing instant medical help with regards to transport and personnel wants to start emergency ambulance service for animals.

Their vision is to make cities safer for humans and animals by providing medical help immediately during a crisis. The ambulances, each of which will cost around Rs. 5 lakhs will have equipment for first aid to help the pet as well as a sahayak or volunteer to help in first aid.

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The service will be given out for free to pet owners. They plan to begin operations early next month and have started a fundraiser on a crowdfunding website called Impact Guru to fund three ambulances for animals.

The service will start in Hyderabad and will be expanded to the rest of the country. “We receive a lot of requests for medical services for pets and we want to start this as a social venture,” said Hari Bharadwaj,  co-founder of eSahai. The ambulances will be available for everyone at all times. “All you need to do is call our helpline and we will send the ambulance immediately,” added Hari.

The service will be available free of cost but if someone wishes to make a voluntary donation, they will be encouraged to do so. Their crowdfunding campaign has received a great start and the funds are dripping in fast. If the first phase goes well, they are ambitious that they will be able to cover other major cities too.

This is the first-of-its-kind initiative that focuses on the medical safety of pets and animals. Animal safety is not a serious topic of discussion, but as the number of pets acquired per year increases, and more number of ‘new’ pet owners are added to the mix, creating a safe environment for pets in the city becomes more and more important. eSahai’s initiative solves an understated problem that too with the help and support of the crowd! Animal lovers can now rejoice and be at peace; there’s help available during emergencies!

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