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What Makes a PR Campaign Successful?

Professional PR food specialists have gained the knowledge, qualifications and experience which cannot be replicated by an enthusiastic novice in-house. Don’t leave your company and products reputation and strength to chance. Place your trust in proven experts.

PR food specialists have the tools and techniques to optimise your brand awareness and conversions from consumer interest to sales. Businesses may be tempted to forego professional food PR companies’ advice to save expenditure but this can frequently be a counterproductive course with campaigns directed to the incorrect markets, overselling, wasted time, resources and money.

Food PR companies including the highly regarded Ceres PR utilise media and events to engage the consumer skilfully. PR food campaigns are different to advertising campaigns in a vital way.

Advertising is significantly less productive than PR food campaigns. Consumers see hundreds of pieces of advertising each day but this doesn’t translate in to sales in many instances. Consumers trust that PR is co-ordinated responsibly, it’s more captivating and inclusive plus there isn’t a hard sell approach which threatens to undermine the positivity and benefits of the brand and its associated products or services.

Ceres PR, and fellow food PR companies, must know what your firm’s objectives are for the PR campaign, its concise message and who your target audience is. Budget is another core factor.  If you don’t know the answers to these points yet, it’s time to establish the facts, as much for business survival as clarity and focus in PR food campaigns.

Are you aiming to:

Relaunch a product?

Introduce it to a market?

Increase sales and profits generally or in one area?

Do you want 10% or 20% market share by the end of the year?

Gain a broader audience via PR to social media and website data?

Does your brand need a boost?

Strategy is key. Experts learn about the brand, products and what the unique selling points are and manage the PR food campaign to guarantee maximum reach, always aimed to the audience’s specific requirements. One approach does not work for all; PR food specialists appreciate the singularity of each campaign they work on.

  • A recipe demonstration or a meet and greet at a food festival allows consumers to interact, as does social media which delivers live updates and Q&A’s. People like to feel involved.
  • Brand storytelling is a device which consumers respond warmly to. The intuitive nature of storytelling is attractive and should create a need in the reader to reach the end of the story by using emotional connections and honesty. Personality, logos and corporate colours can be employed within brand storytelling to ignite interest for more information in direct and indirect marketing ways.
  • News updates and press releases form integral parts of many food PR companies’ strategies.
  • Content on the company website and linked to other relevant sources informs, educates and often features a call to action.
  • Videos and infographics are useful tools. Entertain as you compel someone to make a purchase.

Invest time and funds wisely; hire PR food specialists for maximum results.

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